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Another Self-Immolation for Tibetan Freedom

This one in Nepal. The article states that around a hundred such suicide protests have occurred in the last couple years both within and without Tibet. The number is probably significantly higher, as the tyrannical Chinese government keeps a tight lid on news coming out of its vanquished Tibetan colony.

These are the acts of a desperate people compelled to protest, to “fight,” to do something, and seem to have few, if any, viable options. After all, you can be caged for five years (or more) for your political views under the rule of the “People’s” “Republic,” regardless of whether or not you’ve ever committed any crime against another person or their property.

The cowardice of the Nepalese government is shameful, though certainly not surprising.

(If you don’t know much about the Tibet crisis, I wrote a book on the subject you may find helpful.)