About WKJ

W. Kesler Jackson earned a Ph.D. in History (specializing in Modern South Asia, and particularly Islamic revivalism) at Syracuse University, a Master’s in Humanities at Penn State, and a Bachelor’s in Asian Studies at Brigham Young University. He is the author of The Tibet Gamble: Unraveling the Separate Struggles for the Land of Snows and Elijah Abel: The Life and Times of a Black Priesthood Holder. His next book, already completed, will detail the rivalry between the Deobandi and Barelvi sects of Sunni Islam in South Asia–and how the schism helped create and shape modern India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. His current projects include a book, to be completed in 2016, called Demanding Osama: The Coming of the U.S. War in Afghanistan, tracing events in the three weeks before the American invasion of Talibania.

JacksonĀ teaches world history, western civilization, Middle East history, Asian history, and U.S. history at Westminster College, SLCC, and the University of Utah–and is now also developing a series of “nomadic professor” courses that fuse travel and history in the online medium (to be complete by December 2017).

He is the editor of the Journal of South Asian Religious History (JSARH).

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